About us

Barberini GmbH is a worldwide leader in ophthalmic glass production. The industrial plants and melting ovens are located in Germany in Grünenplan, plants that originally belonged to Schott AG. From Schott we inherited the production system, the technology and the craftsmanship that for over a century produced glass blanks destined to the production of ophthalmic lenses and sun protection. A Research Center is active inside the facility for the further development of this never-ending and unequalled material we use in the production of precision optical lenses. Barberini GmbH and Barberini S.p.A. together form a unique production chain of excellence in the production of blanks transformed into precision optical lenses.

Glass blanks and semi-finished glass derive from the Barberini GmbH are sold throughout the whole world to be processed into optical glass and all applications involving optical precision. Lenses for refined optics (microscope, telescope, photo cameras) are manufactured using the special glass produced in Barberini GmbH, as well as the lenses for ophthalmic correction. A special impulse was given in the sun protection lens field where, most of the development was concentrated in the last few years. Solar glass containing Rare Earth (color Enhancement) was created, special photochromic glass, UV protection glass up to 410 nm and special glass for the protection against IR. Glass of new color shades and optical performance, were added to the already wide range.

Our technology was passed on to us directly from Schott Ophthalmic, the more than one century experience from which we acquired: personnel, production process, plant and equipment directly in Grünenplan, Germany. Schott’s incredible knowledge consists in the know-how on which is founded our current success and the basis to set off our research. The raw material is completely natural (silica, calcium oxide, other oxides, etc.) accurately chosen, coming from all over the world to be melted in our special ovens that refine the glass at extremely high temperatures with conducts of platinum.