Sun Protection

In general, sunglass lenses are used to protect the human eye against excessive solar radiation, to reduce eye strain and to increase visual comfort.

In order to secure fatigue-free vision, even for prolonged usage, the choice of filter depends on the ambient light level and the individual sensitivity to glare. The European standards DIN EN 12312-2013 specifies the properties and the recommended application of sun glare filters. The sun glare filters for general use are classified into 5 filtering groups and the admissible transmittances in the UV region, the visible region and the IR region are clearly specified.

Barberini GmbH offers:

  • lens blanks with UV and IR protection
  • extensive range of colors
  • customer specified colors and transmissions
  • contrast enhancement glasses


Code Type Color Info
D1214 1 Grau 1214 UV grey Refractive index (n) = 1.53
D1224 CH-Neophan grbl. 75 grey blue Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D1648 Vintage 50 grey grey Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D4340 1 Vintage blue 43401 blue Refractive index (n) = 1.53
D5648 Vintage 50 green green Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D6048 Vintage 50 brown brown Refractive index (n) = 1.51
D0491 3 UV 410 clear Refractive index (n) = 1.5
D4150 ACE Improved blue Refractive index (n) = 1.55
D5356 HAF 1 bluish green Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D6420 CH-Braun 6420 brown Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D6532 CH-Braun 6532 brown Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D9148 Rosalite 9148 UV dark rose Refractive index (n) = 1.5
D1011 Pilot grey grey Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D6213 Pilot brown brown Refractive index (n) = 1.52
D5418 CH-Grün 5418 green Refractive index (n) = 1.52